Showcasing Artists featuring "Sculptors and Carvers" .

Here you will find talented and creative artists whose work as sculptors and carvers will entertain and educate you. These pages are just a click away, and are absolutely 100% free to view and browse. Enjoy free entertainment from showcasing artists who make their living sculpting and carving. These artists may also be contacted if you are interested in their work or wish to hire them.


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Gabriel Alonzo Mexican Artisan - Mayan Mask Maker.

Peter Adrichem Chainsaw Art

Michel Lepire Sand and Snow Sculptor.

Lumiere Festival Scott Florence

Bill Barker Model Maker.

Tussaud's Waxworks Wax Museum.

Yvon Bussiere Artisan.

John Felice Ceprano Rock Balancing Art

Maskull Lasserre Contingencies 2008

Winterlude 2013 Garden of Lanterns

Chutes De Plaisance Luc Fortier

Barbarella Fortune Teller