Do you have a tree stump you want carved into art? If you live near Manotick, Ontario you are in luck. Just a few miles from the village of Manotick is FLEETWOOD STUDIO. The studio is open Monday to Saturday and operated by artist Peter Van Adrichem, who creates his works of art there. Using only chainsaws he carves wood into bears, birds, people, totem poles and anything else that his customer's can dream up. If you are in the area of FLEETWOOD STUDIO stop by and visit Peter's store. He's located at 1506 Bankfield Road between Prince of Wales and highway 416 Manotick exit #57. Don't forget to bring your wallet.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 9:30 Am. to 5:00 P.M. Note: Studio hours are subject to change. Peter may be away carving at a client's house.

For more information visit or email Peter can also be reached at (613) 692-(WOOD) 9663

Video recorded December 9, 2008 at FLEETWOOD STUDIO in Ontario, Canada.