Visiting the Tulum Mayan Ruins in Mexico, Key Records made a stop at a crafts store in El Caminero where replica crafts were made and sold. Outside the store skilled Artisans displayed their workmanship and mastery at creating art works. With their power tools they sculpted Obsidian rock into beautiful Mayan masks. Obsidian rock was formed after the lava of early volcanic eruptions poured into the ocean and cooled quickly. The rock has a glassy appearance to it, and was used by earlier Mayans to make tools, weapons and ceremonial objects. Today, it is primarily used for creating works of art.

Key Records met one of the Artisans named, Gabriel Alonzo. Gabriel spoke with Key Records through the help of a translator. He told us that the material he was using was Obsidian rock, the same material used by his ancestors hundreds of years ago. Today, he uses power tools to shape and sculpt the mask. Gabriel said he has been sculpting Obsidian rock for 10 years, and says he enjoys his work very much.

Video of Gabriel Alonzo and Tulum Mayan Ruins recorded December 11, 2007 in Mexico.