Legally blind Animator Dave Sampson sat down to speak with Key Records about his work for the record label during its early days.Back in the 1980’s Dave responded to a newspaper ad placed by Key Records in the papers. The owner of Key Records had an idea he wanted animated. The project would involve drawing a hand that was moving through space. A door would appear and on that door would be the words, Key Records Recording Studio. The hand would then reach for the KEY on the door and use the KEY to unlock the door. The animation was to be used to introduce Key Records first rock video titled, “The Ottawa Sound”. Dave was enthusiastic and talented and was selected to take on the project. Dave completed the project and the record label’s first rock video was aired on a local Ottawa television station.

These days Dave has his hands into several projects. He is a D.J for C.K.C.U Radio FM with his own show called, “The Sixties”. Dave also is the web-keeper for the C.K.C.U website. Sampson also started his own company called, OLDE’ CD’s. He collaborates with another company called MOUSEHOLE MUSIC to restore old recordings for CD re-release. One of the bands now having their music sold on Dave’s label is “The Townsmen”. Included in “The Townsmen” new CD release is the legendary D.J Wolf Man Jack. Wolf Man Jack introduced one of “The Townsmen” songs back in 1976 during a radio broadcast he did from Ottawa.

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Moving hallway animated by Roydon Hughes of Ottawa.

Video interview recorded August 19, 2008 at Dave Sampson’s OLDE’ CD’s studio in Ottawa.