Enter the magical world of Lorange, a multi-talented artist who has created his own artistic diary. Experience his world and escape on a journey into the imagination. Through his paintings, Lorange opens a window to another time and place. A realm filled with many artistic themes, ranging from dreams and music to fantasy, mermaids, mythology and things medieval. Many of his works of art are inspired by his true love Ann Marie, a woman Lorange says, is the center of his universe.

Today, prints of Lorange’s art are in high demand and are selling worldwide. Through collaborations with others in the creative arts industry, his art can be seen on CD covers, Tarot cards and in books. A self-taught artist originally from Montreal, Quebec, Marcel Lorange is also known as an art teacher to many students that he has taught over the years. He has inspired his students to find their own creative path and not to force creativity. Lorange enjoys improvising when he paints and has developed his own methods of tapping into the sub-conscious mind. He is also a nocturnal painter who prefers painting at night. Many of his paintings encompass the moon as his guiding light.

Key Records has presented just a few samples of his work. The paintings chosen were selected randomly from the shelf, as they could not be viewed in storage. Some of the paintings had not been viewed for some time, as was obvious by the noises they made when they were removed from the shelf.

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For more information visit www.lorangeart.com

Video recorded December 1, 2009 in Ottawa, Canada.