As a tropical storm approached the Cayman Islands, Marine Artist and Biologist Dr. Guy Harvey delved deeper into conversation about the underwater world. He spoke with Key Records about his marine art and his scientific research expeditions to promote marine conservation. The more we learned about the Professor of Marine Biology turned Marine Artist, the more we wanted to know.

As a young man growing up in Jamaica, Guy Harvey spent many hours fishing and diving with his dad. It was these early experiences that began a fascination with the ocean and all the unusual creatures living in it. Inspired by what he saw in the world of water, he started drawing. In 1985 Guy Harvey presented 44 original pen and ink marine drawings for an exhibition in Jamaica. Pleasantly surprised by the feedback he received from the community, he decided to paint full time. By 1988 his artistic works were being used commercially on products. In 1999 Guy moved to the Grand Cayman Islands and took up full time residency. He opened an art gallery offering his prints and original artwork for sale. Today, his paintings are in high demand due to his detailed artistic depictions of the species he has observed during dives.

Dr. Harvey is an accomplished Scuba diver who has 35 years of diving experience. He also uses this experience for conducting underwater scientific research expeditions for TV productions. Through his underwater films, he documents mostly large Oceanic species. He has a particular interest for Billfish, Marlins, and Sailfish, which are the fish he loves to paint most. Over the years, Dr. Harvey has gathered the World’s largest library of underwater footage on Billfish. He also released a book and a thirteen episode television series titled, "Guy Harvey, Portraits from the Deep". The television series is broadcasted annually on the Outdoor Life Network in North America. Money from the TV series supports The Guy Harvey Research Institute based at the Oceanographic Center of Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

The Guy Harvey Research Institute conducts much needed marine research work. The Institute has done extensive research studies on sharks and the effects of man on the marine environment. Dr. Harvey regularly conducts ongoing scientific research in his underwater expeditions, and these experiences generate inspiration for new artwork. Through his artwork, Dr. Harvey brings to the land world the beauty of the underwater world. For more information on Dr. Guy Harvey, or if you wish to view or purchase one of his prints or originals, you can visit his website at:

Video recorded December 12, 2007 in the Grand Cayman Islands at Guy Harvey Gallery & Shoppe.