Have you ever dreamed of running away and joining the Circus? Well, meet James Biggar from British Columbia, Canada. He didn't run away to join the circus but he did the next best thing, he created his own show. Now, he is known worldwide by his stage name, James Johnson. For eight years he has been mesmerizing audiences at every major fair and festival across Canada. The self-taught entertainer juggles knives and fire, rides a unicycle, and performs magical escapes, card tricks and much more. He is also a 10-foot high stilt-walker who goes by the name (High Wire).What makes James unique though, is that he is the only entertainer to invite his audience to enter a giant balloon, a balloon that has earned him an unofficial World Record Title.

James is credited as the inventor of the World Record Balloon Show. During every performance he tries to beat his current World Record of getting 14 people inside a giant balloon. The World Record Balloon Show has received news coverage from many media networks, such as the A channel, CTV News, and The Discovery Channel to mention a few. If you wish to contact or book James for your special event he can be reached at 1 877 924 4427 or 1 250 546 2812 (Eastern Standard Time) or on the World Wide Web at: www.biggerballoon.com or email him at: james@biggerballoon.com.

Video recorded August 24th 2007 at the SuperEx, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Canada.