Templeton Drive-In Theatre owner Paul Touchet spoke with Key Records and told us that Drive-In Theatres are enjoying a 21st century revival across North America. . Drive-In Fans can be happy to hear that Television, VCR, DVD, satellite and computers have all failed to knockout the family outdoor experience. Reports released by Statistics Canada in 2005 confirm that Drive-In Theatres are experiencing a revival after many years of decline. Started in 1974, Cine-Parc Templeton is the last known French-English Drive-In Theatre in North America. The Drive-In has two screens, one in French and one in English. Front gates and Restaurant open at 8 p.m. with the movies starting at dusk.

Note: Being locked inside a car trunk is extremely dangerous and should not be considered at any time. The video of 3 people sneaking into Templeton Drive-In was created for Entertainment purposes. (All four occupants of the car paid to enter). Key Records treasures the outdoor movie experience and encourages all Drive-In movie fans to support what they love.

For movie listings at Templeton Drive-In visit www.cineparc.ca Information on films can also be obtained at: (819) 663-0915 Templeton Drive-In is located at 1779 Maloney blvd. in Gatineau, Quebec.

Video recorded July 18th 2009 at Cine-Parc Templeton in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.