Demolition Derby Champion Yvan Senecal spoke with Key Records moments before the start of the 164th Richmond Fair, 2008 Demolition Derby. . A crowd favorite, Senecal is known by his nickname "Pecker". The nickname is written on the front of his Budweiser car so those he hits will know who hit them. Following in his father's footsteps, Senecal has been doing the Demolition circuit for approximately 15 years. He has developed a growing fan base on the Demolition circuit across Ontario where he has been competing in Demo Derby's and entertaining fans.

Before the Derby started, Key Records learned Senecal had won the last two Derby competitions that he competed in with his Budweiser car. Will Yvan win the Richmond Fair Derby to give him three wins in a row for his Budweiser car? Find out right now by watching the Richmond Fair Derby on the TV on the right. His 8-cylinder car is a 1966 Chrysler Le-Baron that he bought and modified. He removed all the glass and interior from the car and his only protection is a lap seatbelt and helmet. When his car becomes damaged beyond repair, Senecal and his friends will lift the 350 Chevy motor and install it into his next car.

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Video recorded September 19, 2008 at the 164th Richmond Fair in Richmond, Ontario, Canada.