Time travel to days gone by with a visit to Carnivale LuneBleue. Walk the Midway and experience the Old-style depression era Carnivals of the 1930's. Ride an authentic 1917 Ferris Wheel and have your fortune told under period canvass tents. Bring a camera and take pictures with Leviticus the illustrated strong man. Enter a large period canvass tent and be entertained by Conjuring host Nikolai Diablo and his show of horrors.

Test your strength to see if you can ring the bell and challenge the Carny to guess your age and weight. Enter through curtains and see the Freak Show or dare touch a live monstrous snake. Witness fire jugglers and sword swallowers who defy death. These experiences and more await visitors to Carnivale LuneBleue.

A collaboration of three companies, Carnivale LuneBleue is the only one of its kind in the world. Presented by Carnivale LuneBleue, Carnival Diablo and Cirque Maroc.

Carnival open from July 23-August 30, 2009 (5PM to Midnight).

For more information visit: www.carnivalelunebleue.com

Video recorded July 25th and 26th 2009 at Hog's Back Park in Ottawa, Canada.