Enrico Romany was born in Trinidad August 12, 1954. At the age of three he fell ill with polio and was confined to a hospital bed for almost four years. Enrico's days at school were limited and when he did attend he was often bullied by other kids. Being discouraged from staying at school Enrico decided he would follow in his father's footsteps. Enrico's father was one of the most loved Opera singers in his country. Soon after leaving school Enrico's father bought him a guitar. His father then pushed him hard musically, sometimes too hard Enrico thought. What Enrico didn't know was that his dad was happy with his musical progress and wanted Enrico to join him on his shows as his accompanist.

Early in 1968 Enrico made his first public appearance in a talent show. He was awarded second place, not bad at all he thought for a beginner. The next month he was his father's accompanist on a television show. Later that same year, father and son would appear at the Penthouse in Port of Spain every Sunday night, doing folk songs for tourists. At the age of 15 Enrico joined the Penthouse Combo on his own and was playing with professionals. While Enrico was playing at the Penthouse Combo his father was performing solo at the Clay house Inn in Bermuda. One day his father asked him if he could bring his group to the Clayhouse Inn to be his father's back-up. Soon Enrico was in Bermuda with his group backing up his father at other well known spots such as the Elbow Beach Hotel, The Carleton Beach and the Jungle Room.

In August 1970 Enrico, his father and his band travelled to Newfoundland, Canada on contract with a limbo dancer. They performed at the Strand loung in Newfoundland. The band later toured almost every town in Newfoundland. Enrico fell in love with Canada. When the contracts were over Enrico's father returned to Trinidad. Enrico decided he would stay in Canada and he later met a young woman named Pauline Jones who he married. In the years to come Enrico would be associated with many musicians in the Ottawa, Toronto area. (Filmed on Super 8 Film in early 80's.)