Has inventor Thane C. Heins reversed the effects of Lenz’s law with his Perepiteia Generator? The inventor claims that he has and he has the lab data to support his discovery. Key Records met up with the inventor and his assistant, Luc Choquette at their research lab located at Ottawa University. The inventor sat down to talk with Key Records about his Perepiteia Generator and then gave us a demonstration.

As the Perepiteia Generator accelerated faster and faster, Heins pointed out to us what was happening. He explained that the output power from the generator was increasing while the input power to the motor was decreasing. “People can figure out for themselves what is happening,” he said.

When asked how he made his discovery the inventor replied, “It was a total fluke.” It happened to him one night in his basement when he connected an induction motor to a generator coupled by magnets. The hook up caused an acceleration effect. The magnets flew off the rotor and Heins quickly unplugged the shaking unit from the wall. He had expected the conventional generator to decelerate and instead it accelerated, defying the law of conservation and energy. After the discovery Heins dedicated more time to improving his prototype. As developments occurred, he filed several patents pending with the patent office. Now he is encouraging others to replicate his experiments.

Heins is seeking financing so that he can apply his research and development to the advancement of electric cars. To attract financing he has been demonstrating his Perepiteia Generator to several experts in the field of Electromagnetism. The reactions so far have all been the same. Total surprise at the Perepiteia Generator’s unexpected acceleration.

Demonstrations can be arranged through Kim Cunningham at the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation. Kim Cunnigham can be reached at: kcunningham@OCRI.ca By telephone: 613-828-6274 or 613-851-0768 (cell)

Thane C. Heins Co-Founder-Potential +/- Difference Inc. Perepiteia Generator Inventor

Video of interview and demonstration recorded March 4, 2008 at Ottawa University, Ottawa, Canada.