Meet Inventor Le Trung and his Project Aiko, Canada's first Android Robot. The inventor who is originally from Japan moved to Canada when he was eight years old. In August 2007 Le began work on his life long dream of building an android robot. So far, Project Aiko has been entirely financed by Le through his credit cards. Working in his basement the inventor has done wonders by bringing artificial life to Aiko. She can move, talk and even interact with humans. Her future capabilities and possible uses are endless. Donations, funding and sponsors are all that are required to reach the next goal of having her walk.

The inventor first attracted media attention through his Project Aiko web site, which led to news coverage around the world. Organizations like the Discovery Channel, CNN and the New York Times took an interest in the story. Le became an instant celebrity doing several interviews a day over the phone. The inventor soon realized he had to turn off his phone since he was not getting any sleep.To make his android as human like as possible Le has combined a custom designed humanoid with an artificial intelligence system. Le attends many special events with Aiko and he demonstrates her current abilities to the delight of the public.

To further Aiko's developments, donations, funding and sponsors are required. For more information visit: Contact: email

Video recorded December 22, 2008 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada