Sergey and Tatiana Dushyna from the Ukraine sat down to talk with Key Records after performing their Art Dance in the show, “Garden of the Geisha”. Winning gymnasts at Worldwide Competitions, Sergey and Tatiana became Adagio dancers, a form of art dancing to slow tempo music. They are currently booked through the Jean Ann Ryan Talent Company. The two dancers met at the 1997 World University Games in Sicily, and two years later they married and moved to England. During their seven-year stay in England, they performed with Stageworks Worldwide Musical Circus. The couple have a six year old daughter Valeriya who also performs and follows in her parent’s footsteps.

While living in England, the couple met Philip Lee Venter, an Adagio Entertainer Philip became a good friend and for four years he taught the couple the craft of Adagio Dance. Sergey and Tatiana became very skilled in Adagio, and their friend eventually suggested that they perform for a Cruise Line. Acting on Philip’s suggestion, Sergey and Tatiana were hired on a six month contract to work on the Norwegian Cruise Liner ship, “Pearl”. Sadly, one month into their contract they learned that their good friend Philip had passed away. Now the couple perform their Adagio Act as a tribute to Philip.

For more information, Sergey and Tatiana can be reached at the following contacts: or ; or by phone at: (+44 7732 487139 England) or (+380 67 765 3382 Ukraine)

Video of interview recorded December 9th through the 15th, 2007 on the Norwegian cruise ship, “Pearl” as she was docked in the Cayman Islands. Video of Adagio Performance provided by Sergey and Tatiana Dushyna ©2007;. Piano sound track composed and played by Roy Windsor ©2007;.