Interested in custom, vintage and classic automobiles? That’s what you will find when you attend the Rideau Carleton Racetrack’s Cruise Night. Held every Wednesday night from 5-9pm, May 6th through September 16th. Key Records spoke with Wayne, one of the members who was selling his 1932 Ford four-door sedan at the show. He told us he rescued the car near a creek in Quebec where the car was parked along a riverbank. When asked how much he paid for the car, Wayne replied, “the cost of a tow”. Restored by Wayne over an 11-month period the car is one of three antique cars that he presently owns.

Wayne enjoys restoring old cars and sells them when the restoration work is finished so someone else can enjoy them. For Wayne, the real enjoyment comes from his work of restoring the car.When his 1932 Ford has sold there will be more room for another restoration project. A project that is waiting for Wayne, somewhere in a country barn or farm field.

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Video recorded August 19 2009 at the Rideau Carleton Racetrack, 4837 Albion Road in Ottawa, Canada.