The 3rd Annual Sexapalooza adult fun show brought another success for its producers, Black Kat Events. The show, which prides itself on entertaining and educating its patrons on all aspects of sexuality, ran from January the 15th to the 17th inclusive. Visitors to the show were entertained with everything from product demonstrations to Main Stage burlesque shows. Key Records spoke with Tania Crook, one of the body-painting artists who work for Toronto Body Painting. She told us the personal art form is great live entertainment for individuals and groups with interests ranging anywhere from Corporate and Club events to fashion shows, theatre and movie productions.

Since the dawn of art, humans have been using their bodies as canvass for art. Body Painting as a form of expression has a history that goes way back to the days before records were kept. Examples of ancient body painting use are Priests using body paint in their ancient spiritual ceremonies and warriors applying body paint before entering battles. Toronto Body Painting uses only the best quality paints which are water-based and non-toxic. All their paints are FDA approved and made specifically for application to skin. Their art company is a member of the Canadian Face and Body Artists Association, (CFABA), and association, (FPBAA).

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