Where does one begin when telling the story of Henry Cyr? Henry is charming, funny, and unusually talented all rolled into one. Through his music he casts an emotional spell on those who stop to watch his performance. Those who have seen Henry perform on the street will agree…he deserves much more out of life. Henry was brought to the attention of Key Records by chance. He was simply a one-handed homeless street-person sitting on the sidewalk on a Monday morning begging for money. He had a paper coffee cup with about 15 cents in it. Upon discussion Henry revealed that he was a street singer/musician who was trying to get his guitar back from the pawnshop.

He needed to collect ten dollars to pay the storeowner. Key Records went with Henry to the pawnshop and paid the money to get Henry’s guitar back. Key Records then learned Henry's story. In 1989 Henry lost his left hand in a workshop accident, which eventually led to him spiraling downward. Ever since that life-changing event, he has been living on the streets of Ottawa. He plays guitar and sings for his survival. Henry has written about thirty original songs, which tell his story of living on the street.

Video recorded Monday November 19, 2007 at Key Records and on Bank Street, Ottawa, Canada.