In need of some inspiration? Meet Nathalie Aubertin, author of the book, “Anatomy of a stroke at fifteen”. Nathalie’s story is a story of survival and determination. Faced with a future living as a quadriplegic she refused to give up. Instead she fought back for all the independence she could achieve. She returned to school, got herself a job and even penned an inspirational book. With the use of a mouth-stick she typed one letter at a time until the book was completed some three years later. Then with her new skills in web design she began promoting and selling her book through the Internet.

Through Nathalie’s book the reader gets to enter her world. We also learn how to recognize the early signs of a stroke. Nathalie reminds us that when faced with a crisis, it helps to have family and friends.

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Video recorded March 9, 2009 in Ottawa, Canada.