Key Records reunited with Carl Ricky Telfer, owner of Oketeke Records. (Translated into English, Oketeke means Train). A professional musician from Ghana, Africa, Carl moved to Canada and built his recording studio. Today he specializes in producing new African music. The music that Carl has produced has earned him the Music Africa Outstanding Producer Award in 1995 as well as the Ghanaian Heritage Award in 1997. Carl also devotes his time to helping music students in Africa. He has worked with other well-known musicians to revive the Adisadel College Jazz band.

Many artists have visited Oketeke Records to work with Carl who can play organ, piano, flute and guitar. As well as providing recording engineering skills, Carl brings to the table his songwriting and song arrangement talents in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information visit Music available online through Carl’s website.

Video recorded July 27 2009 at Oketeke Records in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.