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Zombie Walk, Ottawa 2012

Sandy Hill Cemetery

In the mid 1800's there was a burial ground in Ottawa called the Sandy Hill Cemetery. In the early 1870's many of the graves were dug up and moved to other near by graveyards. Even though some graves were not moved the tombstones were removed and the cemetery was turned into a park. It is a known fact that in the early 1900's bodies that nobody claimed sometimes rose to the surface. Children were often seen playing with bones and human skulls they found in the park. The park which is now haunted by Zombies is called Macdonald Park.

Zombie Walk

Zombies have rights too a sign read...although most of the Zombies don't know it. Every year in October they rise from the old Sandy Hill Cemetery and walk aimlessly through the streets of Ottawa groaning and moaning in pain. 2000 of them walked to Parliament Hill in a mindless daze. They are dead and they don't know why they are protesting. They are Zombies...doomed to walk the earth aimlessly after their final resting places were wrongfully disturbed!


Video recorded October 27th 2012, on the streets of Ottawa, Canada.

Those wishing to make donations visit: Ottawa Food Bank

Special Thanks to Chez 106 Radio... Chez 106

For more info on the Ottawa Zombie Walk visit: Ottawa Zombie Walk

Sandy Hill Cemetery

Zombie Walk

Parliament Hill