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World Yo-Yo Champion Fast Eddy McDonald

Fast Eddy McDonald

Fast Eddy McDonald is a Guiness Book of World Records holder. Sponsored by Yo-Yo company YOMEGA, he travells around the globe performing his tricks for audiences, as he attempts to set new world records. Key Records recorded Fast Eddy's record breaking attempt to set a new world record involving a trick called, "Hop the Fence". The previous record for, "Hop the Fence", was held by a gentleman from England with a documented count of 144 repetitions within one minute. When the count came in by the official counters, Fast Eddy's attempt had set a new world record with 161 repetitions.

Ottawa's Super Ex

2010 became the last year ever for the Ottawa Super Ex being held at Lansdowne park in Ottawa. The 122 year tradition finally came to an end with the future home of the Ex being shrouded in doubt.


For more information email For more information on Ottawa's Super Ex visit Video recorded at the Super Ex's Giant Tiger stage, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Canada, August 29th 2010.

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