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Canada's Wonderland 2011

Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland Amusement Park first opened May 23, 1981 just north of Toronto, Canada. As of 2011 the park boasts approx. 68 rides with over 200 attractions. Each season the park adds new attractions for its visitors. Vistors to the park will experience rides such as; Flight Deck, The Fly, Drop Tower, The Bat, Sky Rider, Vortex, Psyclone, Silver Streak and Behemoth to name a few. The park also has a water park and theatre which holds many cultural festivals, showcasing artists from around the world.

New Attractions 2012

Canada's Wonderland has announced construction of a new roller-coaster which will be called, "Leviathan". The roller-coaster which opens in 2012 will be one of the largest in the world. Reaching speeds of 148 km/hour and heights of 306 feet the roller-coaster will thrill riders with 80 degree descents.


Video recorded at Canada's Wonderland in the summer of 2011. Canada's Wonderland is located at 9740 Jane Street, Maple, Ontario, L6A 156, Canada. Accomodations near the park are difficult to find so be sure to book your hotel in advance. Check Canada's Wonderland official website for accomodations.

For more information visit Canada's Wonderland at: Canada's Wonderland


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