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Classic Rock Band, "Velvet-Hammer"


Their motto, "We hit you hard, but it doesn't hurt!" This motto reflects the band's musical style which is based on a Classic hard rock sound. The band members performing on Canada Day 2010 were; (Russian born Vocalist-Serguei Ourozov), (Lead Guitarist-Morgan Wright), (Bass Guitar-Keith Dinelle) and (Drummer-Kaden Rocque). One of the bands most memorable experiences together, (for these members), was their opening at the Ottawa SuperEx for Rock Band-"April Wine".

Growing Pains

In August 2010 Velvet Hammer experienced some growing pains with some member changes to its band. The band now has a new lead Vocalist known as Renato Vettore. The band also has recruited Mike Sues on Keyboards.


Video recorded on Canada Day July 1, 2010 at Andrew Haydon Park, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

For more information on Velvet Hammer visit their official website at: Velvet Hammer

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