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Trevor Thompson, Stand-Up Comedian

Trevor Thompson

Trevor Thompson is a Stand-Up Comedian who has been entertaining audiences across Canada for the last five years. As well as entertaining audiences with his humour, he also works for various clubs as Master of Ceremonies. Key Records spoke with Trevor backstage and he gave us insight into the life of a comedian. He told us Stand-Up Comedians need to have a thick skin because comedy is a soul-crushing business with 90% of comedy being rejection. His advice for budding comedians is to not reach for the brass ring. They should just write their ass off and the experience will get them through.

"Yuk Yuk's"

"Yuk Yuk's" is a chain of comedy clubs that entertain audiences with Stand-Up comedians. The Live Comedy shows are not censored and age discretion is advised. There are subjects of adult content presented with fowl language. Dress codes are not required to attend and the clubs offer full bar services and snack foods. Check "Yuk Yuk's" website for show times and comedians. Reservations and Group rates are available.


Video recorded November 10, 2010 at "Yuk Yuk's", 292 Elgin street, Ottawa, Canada.

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Trevor Thompson