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Grand Theft Auto

Escape Artist

September 4, 2011 Roy Windsor's 1997 Chrysler was stolen. He reported the theft to the Ottawa Police and was given a file number. Roy looked everywhere for his car and wondered where the car might be. Believing the car was probably at the bottom of a lake he gave up looking. September 11 2011 Roy received a call from the Morrisburg Police. They had arrested the car thief the night before on Hwy 401 at 11:30 p.m The Police informed Roy they had been alerted by another driver on a cell phone, who noticed the car was driving erratically. After a Police Chase the car thief drove into a farm field and was apprehended.

Grand Theft Auto

Motor Vehicle theft is often referred to as Grand Theft Auto. Common tools used to steal cars are; hammers, wires, screw drivers, rods and hook tool kits, test lights and micro-readers. The punishment for first-time offenders often ranges between one and five years in jail. WARNING !!! IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME...DON'T DO THE CRIME.


Video recorded at Bill's Towing yard September 14 2011 in Morrisburg.

Grand Theft Auto

Trunk Reveal