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Shrine Circus in Ottawa

Michele Thorn

Protest organizer Michele Thorn spoke with Key Records during her groups protest against the Shriner's Circus. Her group who call themselves, "Ottawa Animal Defence League", are against the use of animals in the circus. The group claims that animals are abused by trainers when they are being trained for their life in a circus. To back up her accusations of animal abuse Michele stated that hidden cameras have recorded and documented the abuse which can now be seen on sites like You Tube. She also stated that the Elephants and Horses are confined to small spaces for extended periods of time when the circus travels on the road.

Shrine Circus

Held every year in Ottawa, the Shriner's Circus has been entertaining audiences young and old for over 100 years. The travelling circus boasts a variety of entertainment acts ranging from spectacular acrobatics to giant elephants. Famous for their big tents, the Shrine Circus is also well known for their continuos support to charities. Key Records has shown only a small portion of the show to let viewers decide for themselves whether or not the protestor's accusations are valid reasons for concern. The Shrine Circus provides many more interesting and entertaining acts which are not shown here.


Video of the Shrine Circus Performance recorded August 6, 2010 at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, Canada. Video of Protestors recorded August 8, 2010 at Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Canada.

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For more information on "Ottawa Animal Defence League", email Michele at;

Michele Thorn

Shrine Circus