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The Eddy Saatci Band

The Eddy Saatci Band

Guitarists Esat (Eddy) Saatci and Singer Giz Saatci are joined by Drummer Doug Cochrane and Keyboardist Roy Windsor as the rock band, "The Eddy Saatci Band". Formed in early 2011, the band released their first CD Album in May 2011 on the KEY RECORDS label. Music for the album, (which consists of 14 original tunes), was composed by Eddy Saatci. Lyrics for the album were composed by Roy Windsor. The songs range in style from Power-Rock to Soft-Balads and Country.


Video for... "Do You Like Mosquitoes", was produced by Computer-Wiz JC who used the KEY RECORDS green-screen photography background screen for the production. The Highway high-speed video shoot for Eddy Saatci's guitar instrumental jingle was recorded by Roy Windsor using time-elaspe photography at one frame per-second. The live-video of piano duet, (Giz Saatci and Roy Windsor), was recorded by Eddy Saatci.


Videos recorded and produced in Canada in 2011.

For more information on, The Eddy Saatci Band, email KEY RECORDS at: The Eddy Saatci Band

Do You Like Mosquitoes?


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