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John Felice Ceprano

John Felice Ceprano

Artist John Felice Ceprano began exploring the use of unaltered natural rocks in 1986. This led him to create balanced rock sculptures, ephemeral works that are dismantled by nature each winter. The rocks are millions of years old and are heavily fossilized with a rich variety of colour, texture and form that are unique to the Ottawa region. The sculptures are constructed entirely by hand using the "art of balance", combined with basic masonry skills to maintain structural integrity.

Remic Rapids Park

Debbie Danbrook and Jesse Stewart pooled their talents together to perform a outside show at Remic Rapids Park on the shores of the Ottawa River. The listening audience was mesmerized by the sounds of Debbie's voice and Japanese Shakuhachi Flute combined with Jesse's Frame Drum and Waterphone.


Video recorded July 17, 2010 at Remic Rapids Park on the shoreline of the Ottawa River, Ottawa, Canada.

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John Felice Ceprano

Debbie Danbrook

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