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Luke Morris, White Water Rafting

Black Chute Rapids

Black Chute Rapids is located on the Ottawa River. It is difficult to find for first time visitors. DIRECTIONS: Take HWY 17 to the town of Cobden, Ontario. On the east side of town is HWY 7 which is also known as Foresters Falls Road. Follow HWY 7 until you reach Millars Corner. Here you will see a road called Grant's Settlement Road. As you follow this road look for the small Black Chute Rapids sign on the right side of the road. This sign marks a trail road which is also known as Rafting Road. The trail road leads to a small parking area near the river. Black Chute Rapids is approx. 100 yards walking distance upstream.

Luke Morris

White Water Rafting Instructor Luke Morris spoke with Key Records about White Water Rafting and his love for the sport. We learned that, although the sport appears to be quite dangerous, it is quite safe when proper instructional training has been taken.


Video recorded at Black Chute Rapids on the Ottawa River July 14, 2010.

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Black Chute Rapids

Luke Morris

White Water Rafting