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Osgoode Medieval Festival 2012

Osgoode Medieval Festival

Held each year in the village of Osgoode, the Medieval Festival entertains visitors young and old. Take a walk back in time and enjoy shopping in the medieval market where merchants are all dressed in period costumes. Barter for Medieval items for sale ranging from medieval clothing to jewerly, trinkets and chain mail. Visitors are encouraged to dress for the occasion and to bring their own swords. Take part in the Handfasting ceremony and renew your vows with your loved one or get Knighted. Enter the spirit world and look into the crystals as the fortune-teller reads your tarot cards.


Attractions at the Osgoode Medieval Festival are too numerous to mention all. Some of the activities are as follows; Knights of Valour Jousting Tournament, Medieval Jugglers and Court Jesters, Band Celtic Sea and Dancers Alimah, Puppet shows, Weapon and sword demonstraions and Medieval armour fighting battles, Archers, Medieval catapult, Blacksmith demonstrations, Children's Castle, Horseshoe Touraments, Magic shows, Wagon rides, Harpists, Recitals of Medieval Tales and a Medieval Feast to fill your belly.


Video recorded July 7th 2012 in the village of Osgoode, Ontario, Canada. The Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival is held each year on Main street in the village of Osgoode which is located just south of Ottawa, Canada.

For more information visit the Osgoode Medieval Festival's official site at: Osgoode Medieval Festival

For more info on sword historians "Anyhau", based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada visit: Anyhau

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