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Elvis Sighting Society

Elvis Sighting Society

The Elvis Sighting Society is a non-profit organization founded April 1, 1989 by Newspaper Columnist Earl Mcrae, Snooker Ace Ervin Budge and Restaurant owner Moe Atallah. The Society has been featured in many stories around the world for the thousands of dollars they raise for charities. The Society also takes pride in honoring Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. The official headquaters for the Elvis Sighting Society is located at Moe's World Famous Newport Restaurant in Ottawa, Canada.

"Max Keeping Interview"

Max Keeping

Max Keeping is a veteran CTV News Anchorman who set up a Foundation to help disadvantage children and families. These days Max is known as the Community Ambassdor for helping to raise 140 million dollars for the Children's hospital. Recognized by the community, a wing in the Children's Hospital was named after him in his honor. The City of Ottawa also presented Max with the KEY to the City. He has a street,(Max Keeping Boulevard), named after him. In 1991 he was awarded the order of Canada and in 2004 he was inducted into the Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.


Video recorded January 8, 2014 at Moe's World Famous Newport Restaurant. 322 Churchill Ave. North, Ottawa, Canada

For more information visit the Elvis Sighting Society at: Elvis Sighting Society

For more information on the Max Keeping Foundation visit: Max Keeping Foundation

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