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Barbara Windsor Artist/Painter

Barbara Windsor

Barbara was born in Ottawa, Canada to Lawrence and Margaret, (nee Fogarty) Clost. She was the first born followed by six younger brothers. In her school days she attended and graduated from Willis Business college. After working for the Government for eleven years she married Tom Windsor and started a family. During these years she worked as a Real Estate Agent. In 1978 she opened her own dress shop which she named Barbarella Fashions. She operated this store for the next 21 years. Today Barbara enjoys her true passion of painting with the Clavis Group.

Clavis Group

The Clavis Group first started in Montreal as a grass roots organization of Painters under the direction of Nancy E. Corner. Since the early 1960's the Clavis Group has assembled and worked together to produce and sell their works of art. Over the years, some of the members have left and new members have joined. In 1983 Nancy E. Corner retired and the Clavis Group continued under the direction of Joan Devine. Today the Clavis Group continues to thrive and operate in Ottawa.


Video recorded June 8, 2010 in cottage country, Ontario, Canada.

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Barbara Windsor

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