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Maskull Lasserre Exhibition 2008

Maskull Lasserre

Canadian born Maskull Lasserre's sculptures are works of art that draw the viewer deep into dream like states of timeless wonder. Like a key opening a door into our inner mind...his sculptures coax us away from our busy lives to explore the moment. Key Records met the Artist at the Karsh Masson Gallery and filmed his exhibition titled, "Contingencies".

Karsh Masson Gallery

Run by the city of Ottawa, the Karsh Masson Gallery has been leasing from the NCC at 136 St.Patrick Street since 2003. With the lease expiring in June of 2013 the city is remaining quiet about the Gallery's future location.


Video recorded May 2008 at "Karsh Masson Gallery", 136 St.Patrick Street, Byward Market, Ottawa, Canada.

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