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Executive Producer Christopher Petry

Paddy Mitchell

WANTED BY FBI !!! ...Patrick (Paddy) Mitchell, Ottawa's most famous bank robber. During the 1970's and 80's Mitchell and his gang robbed banks all across the United States and Canada. Mitchell became known by several titles such as; leader of the Stop Watch Gang, the Paddy Mitchell gang, the Gentleman Bandit and as a modern day Robin Hood. Mitchell was a master of disguise who when caught escaped from more then one prison. Eventually Mitchell published his stories of life on the run and today his tales of Bank Robbing adventures have become legendary.

Christopher Petry

Executive Producer Christopher Petry spoke with KEY RECORDS at the Ottawa premiere of his film "Marilyn". Produced in colaboration with TRINITY WORKS ENTERTAINMENT the film is a true-account written by bank robber Paddy Mitchell. Based on one of Paddy's adventures, the story was turned into a movie script by Petry. The 95 minute long feature film, (crime/drama/romance), stars Ryan Robbins and Allison Mack. In the movie, Mitchell, alias "Michael Grant", meets a young woman named Marilyn while on the run.


Video recorded August 17th 2012 at the Ottawa International Film Festival, Empire Theatres, World Exchange Centre, Ottawa, Canada.

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Paddy Mitchell

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