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Lumiere Lantern Festival 2011

Lumiere Lantern Festival

The anual Lumiere Lantern Festival enjoyed it's eight magical evening of light celebrations in August 2011 after a month of preparations. Presented by the Crichton Cultural Community Centre, (CCCC), the event hosted many entertainers and performers who entertained with music, stilt-walking, fire and theatre to mention a few. The day/evening event also educated visitors on subjects of special interest as well as workshops set up to asist in lantern building. The event which is free also encourages visitors to the Park to dress up in costume.

Scott Florence

As well as working for the Lumiere Lantern Festival, Scott is also a member of, "A Company of Fools", a theatre group that presents plays and educational workshops through the arts. The company which is available for special events are purveyors of Fine Shakespeare and inspired comedy. For more information on "A Company of Fools", or to reach Scott, email Scott at or visit


Video recorded between August 1st and August 20th 2011 at Crichton House and Stanley Park, New Edinburgh, Ottawa, Canada.

For more information visit Lumiere Lantern Festival at: Lumiere Lantern Festival

Or visit, "A Company of Fools", at: "A Company of Fools"


Scott Florence

Lumiere Festival