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"Luc and Eric"

"Luc and Eric"

Luc Lepage and Eric Hamal are the two-man Rock group known as "Luc and Eric". Key Records recorded the dual performing December 30th 2011 at Bar du Marche in Masson, Angers, Quebec, Canada. On stage they demonstrated their guitar and vocal skills as they entertained their audience with Classic Rock from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. Together since 1996 the musicians cover approximately 100 songs ranging from CCR to SuperTramp to Elvis and Chuck Berry.

Bar du Marche

Bar du Marche hosts many live acts to keep their patrons happy. The bar which is located 110 Rue Georges, Masson, Angers, Quebec is located beside the Flea Market.


Video recorded December 30th 2011 at "Bar du Marche", 110 Rue Georges, Masson, Angers, Quebec, Canada.

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