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Sir Vincent Gabriel Kirouac

Sir Vincent Gabriel Kirouac

Modern-Day Knight Vincent Gabriel Kirouac and his horse, "Coeur de Lion", Lion Heart's journey began near Riviere-du-Loup Quebec, Canada in 2012. Together they set off on a Medieval Quest to cross Canada and to inspire all those they met along the way. Each evening the knight and horse camp out under the stars or sleep in stables made available by folks who learned of Sir Vince's Quest. During his journey he keeps in contact with his fiancee by a cell phone attached to his belt. When KEY RECORDS spoke with the Modern-Day Knight-in-Shining-Armour he told us he had already travelled about 700 kilometres.

The Quest

Inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies, Sir Vince's dream to become a Knight started in high school. After dreaming about the quest for 8 years it became a project and something real. To learn more about horses Vincent worked with horses for 3 years. He then found a blacksmith to make his medieval helmet. His medieval tunic was then created based on his horse's name, "Coeur de Lion", Lion Heart. The trip has its dangers! Two weeks before arriving at Ottawa, the horse was spooked by the wind and started running. Both were injured when the horse slipped on the pavement and fell.


Video recorded May 11, 2012 at Nepean National Esquestrian Park, 401 Corkstown Rd. Nepean, Canada.

For more info on Sir Vince's journey visit his website at: Sir Vincent

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Sir Vincent Kirouac

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