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Professor David L.A. Gordon

Professor David L.A. Gordon

Professor David L.A. Gordon teaches Urban and Regional Planning at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. During one of his classes he was asked a question by a student that he could not answer. This inspired the Professor to embark on a 16 year journey to uncover Ottawa's past planning Urban and Regional developments. Assisted during those years by over 50 students, his work and insights are being published as a book with the University of Toronto Press in early 2013.


After years of archival research into Ottawa's missed opportunities and bad planning decisions, Professor David Gordon needed a title for his book. He settled on, "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" to best describe Ottawa's many past planning decisions. During his one hour slide show presentation he enlightened his audience with Ottawa's remarkable past. Looking back they learned lessons of past mistakes made and with some reflection can move forward.


Video recorded March 21, 2012, Elgin Street, Ottawa, Canada.

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Or visit Queen's University Faculty at: Queen's University Faculty

NOTE: KEY RECORDS has video edited Professor Gordon's presentation. The video is not a real-time representation of Professor Gordon's presentation.

Professor David Gordon