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Elage Mbaye and Abdou Sy

Making a special guest appearance for Black History Month 2010 was vocalist/drummer Elage Mbaye and keyboardist/composer Abdou Sy. The musicians who recently released a CD album titled, "Askane", which translated means, "Family Tree", are originally from Senegal, Africa. Together they collaborated on the album which blends the traditional sounds of their African roots with modern day music. Working together since 2002 the musicians are also members of other bands. Abdou being a member of "The Jokko Group", and Elage being a member of "The Mighty Popo Band". Known as seasoned professionals with much experience to draw upon, they have performed with their own bands on radio and television as well as festivals across Canada.

Black History Month

Black History Month 2010 featured a variety of entertainers and art exhibits. The special event was hosted by Adrian Harewood of CBC News, February 28th, 2010 at the National Library & Archives Theatre, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Canada.


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