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Errol Francis Award Winning Artist

Errol Starr Francis

Errol Starr Francis is a 1988 Juno Award winner who makes his living as a Singer, Songwriter, Performer. In 2001 he built an Earthship home and moved his recording studio business to the country. Errol records other artist’s music as well as his own, which he produces and sells for the spiritual relaxation/massage industry. His studio/home with its open-concept atmosphere is an inspiration to the artists who record there. Visitors to the Earthship studio see windows all along one side, which provide an indoor/outdoor ambiance, as well as light for tropical plants such as pineapples and bananas.


Key Records toured the Earthship home which was built off the grid by Errol Starr Francis and his wife Lisa. In 2001 they moved to Killaloe, Ontario and began construction of their home on a 100 acres of land. Using cement, the home was made using approx. 7,000 tires and 24,000 soft-drink cans. The Earthship home is a self-sufficient home that has a recording studio powered by solar panels. Grey water is collected and recycled in the Earthship and retains heat to assist two wood stoves for heating in the winter.


Errol and Lisa have two children, (Athena and Eli), who have been home raised in this unique home. Video recorded July 14th, 2010 at the Earthship Studio, Killaloe, Ontario, Canada.

To receive a tour or to book a recording session with Errol, visit his website for more information. For more information on the Earthship visit: Earthship

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Errol Starr Francis

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