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"Earth Wind And Fire"

"Earth Wind And Fire"

Thousands of "Earth Wind And Fire" fans attended the legendary band's first ever appearance at Ottawa's Jazz Festival 2014. The party was held in Confederation Park and opened with the band's hit song, "Boogie Wonderland." Fans danced and clapped as the band put out hit after hit. "Earth Wind And Fire" and their music is a celebration of life that ties the past to the future. The band is timeless and will always be, then and forever.

Jazz Festival 2014

Founded in 1980 the Ottawa Jazz Festival is held each summer in Canada's capital city. Today the festival attracts top bands from around the globe. With the appearance of "Earth Wind And Fire" the festival experiened its largest crowd ever at Confederation Park.


Video recorded June 26 2014 at Confederation Park, Ottawa, Canada.

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Boogie Wonderland

Shining Star

Serpentine Fire