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JIB Contest, ClockTower Brew Pub

JIB Contest

The 6th annual JIB Rail-Jam Contest held at the ClockTower Brew Pub parking lot in Ottawa was a success with snowboarders and skiiers entertaining the crowd with spectacular jumps and spins. The Special-Event presented by Half Cab Productions gave contestants 20 minutes to impress the judges with their daring skills. The contestants were judged on consistency, style and their creative moves. The top performers of the evening, (snowboarders and skiiers), were later selected and awarded prizes.


Sponsors Tommy and Lefebvre sporting goods store in partnership with Rossignol Pure Mountain Company sponsored the JIB Rail-Jam Contest event which was held in the parking lot of ClockTower Brew Pub in Ottawa, Canada. The Special-Event was presented by Half Cab Productions.


Video recorded October 23, 2010 at ClockTower Brew Pub, 575 Bank Street, Ottawa, Canada.

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