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Contortionist Bendy Em

Contortionist Bendy Em

Comic Contortionist Emma Kerger, known as Bendy Em, thinks outside the box. She makes her living traveling around the world delighting audiences with her unusual street theatre act. Even though she is a former national gymnast and dancer, she practices daily to be able to perform her amazing stunt of squeezing inside a little box. Key Records filmed her show on one of the hottest days of the summer. WARNING: Bendy Em is a trained don't try this at home kids!

Buskerfest 2012

Held every year in the Nation's Capital, the Buskerfest festival presents street entertainers from around the world on Ottawa's Sparks Street Mall. The Sparks Street Mall does not pay the Buskers for appearing so the Buskers who perform depend on the audiences they attract to make their living. If you enjoyed watching these videos of Bendy Em...feel free to show your appreciation by sending her a financial donation. Without our support, Buskers of this level will dissappear forever.


Whatever your special event is...? Bendy Em is flexible for the occasion. To book her for your special event, visit her official website.

Video recorded August 4th 2012 at Buskerfest 2012 on the Sparks Street Mall, Ottawa, Canada.

For more info visit Bendy Em at: Bendy Em

For more information on Ottawa's Buskerfest festival visit: Sparks Street Mall

Buskerfest 2012

Bendy Em

Sparks Street Mall