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Bellamar Cavern

Bellamar Cavern of Cuba was discovered in 1861 by accident when a Chinese worker lost a steel bar. When the steel bar was found the cavern was discovered revealing a magical world below. Formed over 300,000 years ago the Bellamar Cavern has many Stalagmites and Stalagtites for its visitors to see. There are also interesting attractions such as the Fountain of Youth and many majestic galleries. Key Records recorded the tour of the cavern as we followed Jesus through the cavern.


Matanzas Cuba is a port city of Cuba located approximately 3 miles from the Bellamar Cavern. Many of the Cuban people who work in the tourist industry of near by Varadero live in Matanzas.


Video recorded at Bellamar Cavern in Cuba.

Bellamar Cavern in Cuba is located approximately 3 miles from Matanza, one of the port cities of Cuba. Hours of operation are 9 A.M to 6 P.M daily.

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Fountain of Youth

Stairway to Heaven