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Bruce Beach, Reconstructionist

Bruce Beach

Author Bruce Beach, the man who built a Nuclear fall out shelter called "Ark Two", believes World War 3 will happen. Labelled a Doomsday Prepper by some he prefers to be called a reconstructionist. To help society reconstruct after a break down he has been involved in a effort to bring about a unified world language program. Word has spread far and wide about Beach who is friendly and who does not charge admission. He has received news coverage from several media organizations such as the National Geographic and Global Television Network just to mention a few.


The "Ark Two" Nuclear Fall out shelter was constructed using 42 school buses which were buried underground. The buses were chosen because they are very strong and work well as a permanent form for concrete. The shelter which is called the World's largest privately built shelter by Wikipedia is fully equipped with everything needed to survive a nuclear war. "Ark Two" is designed to protect up to 500 children providing sleeping quarters, septic tanks, running water, electricity, air, food and is equipped with Broadcasting communications.


Video recorded May 23, 2013 in Horning's Mills, Ontario, Canada.

For more information visit Bruce Beach's offical site at: Bruce Beach "Ark Two"

NOTE: Bruce and his wife Jean are both Authors who have written and published their own books.

Bruce Beach

"Ark Two"

World War Three