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Gord Atkinson, Radio Pioneer

Gord Atkinson

Gord Atkinson is a Canadian Broadcasting Pioneer who worked in Radio from 1948 to 1990. During those years he interviewed all the legendary greats from Elvis to Bing Crosby. After retiring from Broadcasting in 1990 he became a Journalist and published his own entertainment book titled, "Showbill". For over 20 years he has written as a columnist, writing Entertainment stories for the "Forever Young", newspaper. A winner of many Broadcasting Awards, Gord is recognized as the first Broadcaster to ever play Bing Crosby records on the radio. Gord is also credited with helping to launch the careers of Paul Anka and Rich Little.


Gord Atkinson has interviewed over 200 legendary celebrities during his Radio career. Some of the names you may recognize are; Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, George Burns, Paul Anka, Rich Little, Tony Bennett, James Stewart, Fred Astaire, Vincent Price, Red Skelton, Mel Blanc, Bill Cosby, Marcel Marceau and Harry Belafonte just to mention a few.


Video recorded June 6th 2012 in Ottawa, Canada.

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Gord and Bing

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Gord Atkinson