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Ambrosio Cave

Ambrosio Caves

Ambrosio Caves were discovered by modern day man in the 1960's. The cave's past is revealed through many pictorial drawings that appear on the walls. The drawings date from different time periods and were first created by Ancient Indians who told of the arrival of Spanish Conquedors. Also on the cave walls are drawings by early Black Africians who practiced rituals and sacrificies.

Humberto Ramos

For the last 14 years Geologist Humberto M. Fernandez Ramos has been working part-time as a tourist guide for Ambrosio Cave. Humberto gave Key Records the tour and told us that the cave protected peoples in the past from hurricanes. Inside the cave are many pictorial drawings which are drawn on the walls. Visitors to the cave enjoy speculating and listening to interpretations about the possible meanings behind the drawings and symbols. In the past bones were discovered by historians and today it is known that the cave hosted many spiritual rituals and sacrificies.


Video recorded at Ambrosio Cave in Varedero, Cuba.

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Cueva Ambrosio. Labrada en esta elevacion denominada loma la caseta esta cueva atesora en su interior 7 valiosas pictografias principalmente geometricas, pintadas en rojo y en negro que van desde los circulos concentricos hasta las estilizaciones de figuras humanas. Distance 200 M. Recorrido 30 min.

Ambrosio Cave

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