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Alice Cooper in Concert

Alice Cooper

Rock Legend Alice Cooper and his band blasted Canada's capital with power waves of sound to the delight of fans young and old. To anyone who has never been to a Alice Cooper concert we have only lived a minute of your life. As soon as Alice appears his audiences stand excited and remain standing the whole show. Alice is mesmerizing and knows exactly what his followers want. ALICE COOPER...The King of Rock Theatre...defies age and continues to grow stronger and stronger. ALICE...WE ARE NOT WORTHY!

Back Stage Pass

Key Records had a pass to go back stage after the show. In the VIP lounge were approx. 33 individuals who waited anxiously to meet Alice in person. When Alice entered the room everyone started clapping. Staff quickly strung up a large photographic back-drop from the ceiling. One by one the VIP's got to have a photo taken with Alice. Alice would then toss each of the VIP's a chocolate bar afterwards. When it was Key Records turn the chocolate bar thrown by Alice bounced off a lady's head and landed on the table. ALICE IS DANGEROUS!


Video recorded May 16th 2011 at the Civic Centre, Bank street, Ottawa, Canada.

For more information visit Alice Cooper's official site at: Alice Cooper

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Alice Cooper

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